We are entering a new era of sensible IT, with the end of long projects and excessive customization. read the article

In this context, the Redsen and Efalia partnership centered on the Workey solution becomes particularly relevant because it makes it possible to set up fast business process automation projects, while remaining in close contact with these businesses’ pragmatic needs.

In 5 video capsules are are going to show you the gains use of this solution delivers to IT and businesses.

  • Capsule 1: The difficulties for our customers in implementing business process automation projects.
  • Capsule 2: Workey, the low-code solution that accelerates your projects’ time-to-market and guarantees adoption by businesses: an explanation.
  • Capsule 3: Redsen is a workey partner: the winning duo for your BPM projects. Why?
  • Capsule 4: A concrete example: the Redsen HR Onboarding process.
  • Capsule 5: How to start a Workey project and when to expect the 1st results. The keys to success.

Video Capsule 1 Efalia & REDSEN