Associations: electronic archiving that makes life simpler

The problems faced by associations are different from those of businesses or local authorities. However, they do share certain challenges, such as the need for efficient management with limited resources, the need to manage paper documents with no dedicated staff and the need to share information openly but securely.

The electronic document management solutions developed by Efalia are ideal for associations of any size, freeing them from laborious archiving work they do not always have the resources to handle.

Efalia’s Electronic Document Management System (DMS) solutions enable associations to efficiently centralise and classify data about their members and instantly search for documents while outsourcing the work involved in managing the classification.

Finally, as associations also have their own specific needs, such as transparent decision-making, the mechanisms for user authorisation and document modification enable associations to share information about their governance with office-holders, secretaries or all members openly and transparently but with total security

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