Every day your company or organization receives a huge volume of incoming paper mail, e.g. management documents (supplier invoices, purchase orders, etc.) as well as returns from various operations (complaints, application forms, questionnaires, investigations).

Regardless of the size and domain of an organization, mail management is a crucial activity requiring end-to-end tracking and processing.

Manual distribution of mail combined with the increasing number of incoming channels (paper, email, forms, phone, etc. is a source of errors and prevents efficient control of the process. Manual organization of sorting, distribution, printing and archiving very often results in:

  • Lost or forgotten mail causing delays
  • Document classification errors
  • Costs generated by manual processing, sorting and distribution of mail

Faced with these challenges, it is becoming essential to set up a Correspondence Management System (CMS). A CMS is a digital system that provides an electronic means of organizing and managing the physical mail that an organization receives (and the information it contains) A CMS brings many benefits which your employees will quickly become aware of, at different levels of your organization:

For the mail department:

  • Elimination of mail distribution shuttles
  • Elimination of copies of mail
  • Time savings and productivity gains that improve relations with end-users
  • Tracking control panel for each department to reinforce traceability
  • Compliance with contractual due dates, reducing operational risks
  • Protection of confidentiality thanks to secured access

For users:

  • A single interface to access the mail to be processed
  • Increased productivity in the answering cycle thanks to collaborative tools
  • Classification facilitated in ECM
  • Simplified searching to answer an end-user quickly

For the IS department:

  • An immediately available solution
  • Simple deployment thanks to a 100% web interface
  • A solution that can be customized without requiring any development work
  • Compliance with market standards (Ldap, DBMS, HTML5, SMTP, …)

For Executive Management:

  • Real-time tracking of all files by department, urgency, type, due date to strengthen the relationship with end-users, customers
  • Compliance with internal procedures in distributing and drafting answers in order to reduce operational risks
  • Time savings and productivity gains to focus users on added value tasks

With the Workey CMS solution proposed by EFALIA, you have a simple intuitive solution that will make everyday tasks easier for users when distributing, processing and managing all the incoming and outgoing mail flows, regardless of their source or format.

Workey CMS combines two software platforms within one easy-to-use unified GUI:

1/ Multigest, ECM software platform, for capture of mail, indexing and storage.

2/ Workey, BPM software platform, managing processes for distribution and processing of incoming and outgoing mail.

Want to find out more? Please watch the CMS webinar on replay here: