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Hello everyone,

As we approach the end of a year like the one we have just experienced, there is a strong temptation to sum up the past twelve months in a single-word expletive. But to guard against this, I will focus on the reasons to be grateful and the successes that marked 2020 for Efalia.

First of all, the solidarity that prevailed, both within the company and with our customers, enabling us to keep working and providing services to people at the times when they needed them the most. Efalia's teams all put their shoulders to the wheel, and there were many opportunities for the younger generations searching for meaning to observe how the simple fact of enabling our customers to continue their operations sometimes had a vital impact on their organization.

We could have been satisfied just to survive, but that wasn't the case. Efalia continued to grow, in three main directions:

  • Internally, with the arrival of a dozen new talents across all the company's teams (R&D, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance etc.).
  • Towards new partners, publishers (Eksaé), integrators (Redsen Consulting), marketplaces (OVH) and consultants, following the course we had set at the beginning of the year come hell or high water, growing our ecosystem by finalizing the connectors and building a network of partners able to adopt our solutions.
  • Internationally, with our first acquisition abroad, involving our German neighbors. This will enable us to extend our solutions to a global market, as Efalia now has offices in Switzerland, Germany and the UK and a network of partners on all five continents.

In the context of a major health crisis, we could also have been satisfied with that, but that would have been to forget the company's DNA, its creativity. So after more than eighteen months of work, our product and R&D teams achieved the feat of certification for our electronic safe solution, MG-Safe, placing it alongside the few solutions on the market that can boast NF-203 compliance and thus constituting the first integrated EDM/safe solution on the market.

At the same time, the same teams moved further forward than ever with the next version of MultiGest (MG X, because it remains anonymous for the moment), they began building the model that will become our integrated platform for all our solutions, they incorporated electronic signatures into the platform etc.

So 2020 was not a miserable year, thanks to our existing customers, the many new ones who decided to place their trust in us in the midst of the chaos, and above all our teams and our partners, who never wavered, like Bonaparte's general who defied the English: "The Guard dies but does not surrender!" Luckily our troops suffered no losses.

When we can face a year like 2020 so successfully, the prospects are very promising for 2021. So it's time to say goodbye to 2020, and all that remains is for me to wish you and your families (just your immediate families, in fact) as enjoyable a holiday season as possible and to place my trust in the coming year to deliver everything you missed out on this year.

Kind regards,

  • Pascal Charrier
    Pascal Charrier CEO