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6TZEN, a complete, modular CRM/URM portal

6TZEN is a solution that includes all the essential remote services natively, facilitating online administration for citizens and families, with processes such as:

  • Registrations for canteen meals and extracurricular activities
  • Administrative formalities: requests for certificates, identity cards
  • Online payments
  • Making appointments with staff
  • Reporting incidents, making contact

The 6TZEN solution can also manage relationships with professionals and third-sector organizations.

6TZEN is a ready-to-use solution offering over 100 services.

6TZEN, a digital URM/CRM solution offering three levels of use:

A remote services portal

  • An online service portal accessible from anywhere.
  • A mobile app for reporting events.

A back-office for examining requests

A real management tool accessible from anywhere, the 6TZEN back-office enables you to record and examine requests submitted via the portal or any other channel, and manages the production and approval of responses via an electronic sign-off tool.

A CRM system for user management

A fully-configurable CRM system is built into 6TZEN, enabling users to be managed very flexibly according to category (citizen, family, business, association etc.).

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