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Digitising customer invoices at Groupe SETIN

Interview with Thierry Lefebvre, IT Director at Groupe SETIN

Hello Mr Lefebvre. Who are SETIN? What is your sector, your business?

SETIN is a family company founded in 1920 by the grandfather of the current CEO, Eric SETIN. It is a wholesaler serving construction and industry professionals, based at several sites. The group is now a leader in the builders’ hardware and industrial supplies market. I am responsible for all the hardware and software components of the company’s IT system.

Buying an Document Management System ? Weren’t you worried? Budget? Reorganisation?

SETIN has existed since 1920.

You know what it’s like – company documents build up, paper overflows from the desk. Looking for a document becomes a nightmare. I sent out an SOS!

Efalia’s sales and technical teams reassured us about the organisational aspects, supporting us from the definition of the specifications and the audit to commissioning and start-up assistance.

As for the budget, we found it very reasonable, given the time saving and peace of mind the solution has brought to the company. 

Why did you consider deploying a digitisation and DMS solution ?
To save time in the invoices ?

Following the rapid growth of our company, we ran out of space to store our paper documents and search times were becoming longer and longer. We therefore looked for an archiving and DMS solution.

We wanted to be able to manage our corporate documents smoothly, quickly and efficiently. The goal was for all of us to be able to concentrate on the real purpose of our work. 

What types of documents do you process? Volumes?

For the last eight years, we have been using the MULTIGEST solution to import customer invoices generated by our ERP software into the Document Management System. An ADR/document capture system reads and automatically classifies the files produced every month by the ERP software in the Document Management System.

We have also deployed MULTIGEST to manage delivery notes. The notes are scanned by the users and sent directly to the right folder in the archive repository, where they are indexed by an operator.  Using bar code reading, the delivery notes (signed) are classified automatically in the DMS.

MULTIGEST now constitutes a significant repository of information (several GB of data) available to all Groupe SETIN staff, depending on their authorisation. 

Do you think MULTIGEST guarantees the security of your documents?

MULTIGEST enables staff members to be registered as users or administrators. The administrator can allocate specific rights to each user, and these are very easy to configure.

For example, Mr Dupont might only have read access while Mr Durand is authorised to view, annotate and print documents.

This controlled allocation of user rights means that information can be shared securely. 

In three words, what are the advantages of the MULTIGEST Document Management System ?

Speed, simplicity and user-friendliness!

Our staff use Efalia’s DMS solution every day – it has become essential for our everyday work.  Each user has gained in independence, with no more time lost searching for documents or disorganisation in the office, so we all get on very well with MULTIGEST‘s human side (laughs). 

Why did you choose MULTIGEST?

First of all, we chose MULTIGEST for its responsiveness, and a sales team that really listens to the customer, which is more and more unusual these days.
A product that can be adapted to the company, with regular upgrades and competitive pricing. 

What are your future projects?

This year we intend to upgrade our product to MULTIGEST version 9.1 and add the workflow module.

We want to put a system in place to chase up unpaid invoices. SETIN’s accounts department will be able to inform the sales representative responsible for the account that an invoice has still not been paid.

The workflow module will be able to track the follow-up sent from the accounts department to the sales department. Automatic e-mail reminders will regularly inform the sales representative of customers who need to be chased.

Other workflow processes are being examined for implementation once the unpaid invoice process is in place. 

Thierry Lefebvre
IT Director

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