Experience with digitising transport documents

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Digitising transport documents with FileDirector at Transports Jourdan

Interview with Vincent Martin

Hello Mr Martin. Who are Transports Jourdan? What is your sector, your business?

Transports Jourdan: A road freight transport company with three operating sites, St Hilaire du Harcouët (head office) and two branch sites, Aulnay sous Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) and Plan d’Orgon (Bouches-du-Rhône), Transports Jourdan currently has 235 employees, including 155 drivers. We operate mostly in the transport of industrial products, specialising in the direct routing of goods that require specific conditions (cables, industrial joinery etc.).

Buying an EDM system? Weren’t you worried? Budget? Reorganisation?

We acquired an EDM solution, Canofile, in 1998, solely for the partial scanning of transport documents.  Following an internal reorganisation in 2005, we decided to adopt transport document scanning more widely using the FileDirector solution.

This reorganisation took place in order to automate and classify transport documents and facilitate access to information.

Why did you consider deploying a digitisation and EDM solution?

First of all, we deployed this EDM solution to improve the invoicing process, automating the reconciliation of transport documents with our invoices when they were issued. We also reduced our paper archives and the time spent searching for documents in our various departments. To achieve this result, we needed to interface FileDirector with our TMS tool (R2000X from OMP Informatique).

What types of documents do you process? Volumes?

As I said, we mostly process transport documents (waybills, delivery notes), averaging 15,000 documents/month.

Do you think the FileDirector EDM system guarantees the security of your documents?

Ten years down the line, FileDirector has met all our criteria for document security.

In three words, what are the advantages of the FileDirector EDM system?

Reliability, interoperability, user-friendliness.

Why did you choose FileDirector?

We chose the solution mostly for its interoperability with our management software, ensuring the reliability of the data.

What are your future projects?

We are interested in digitising our supplier invoices, which would also allow us to transfer accounts entries into our accounting software.

Vincent Martin

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