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Electronic production contracts at France Télévisions

Interview with Marie Lombardo, Technical Engineering and IT Manager at France Télévisions, by Efalia in January 2014

Why did you consider deploying a digitisation and DMS solution?

The motivation to deploy the MULTIGEST Document Management System was to centralise information storage and its circulation between departments.
Building on the experience we acquired at France 5 and France 3, extending the system to all the group’s channels was a natural progression. 

Do you only process production contracts? If so, how?

 Production files contain about twenty types of documents, including the contract. Several departments are involved in processing these documents electronically, depending on their type.

Each department that “owns” significant volumes of documents to be digitised has a digitisation workstation with a scanner for every four to five people.

Each DMS contributor has a collaborative pack deployed on their workstation, enabling scanned documents to be imported into the classification scheme.

All the multi-function photocopiers already existing throughout FTV can scan documents securely to a MULTIGEST filing tray based on the user’s badge. This makes it possible to manage more efficiently both large volumes of documents (over 30 pages) and smaller volumes, which do not require a dedicated scanning workstation.

Are there other advantages of electronic operation?

Digitisation enables us to conserve documents long-term with optimum classification and easy searching.

We can share documents while keeping just one version saved in a single place, optimising storage space, viewing and the sharing of information between departments.

Why did you choose MULTIGEST?

For its simplicity of deployment and use, its flexible operation and the richness of its functional administration interface. 

And the future?

We aim to extend the MULTIGEST solution to other departments than the television channels in order to digitise different types of documents (paper letters, contracts, invoices etc.), with ADR and data capture solutions for some types of document.

The possibilities of web services can make the application invisible, calling the document up directly from the business application.

Marie Lombardo
Technical Engineering and IT Manager

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